A downloadable game for Windows

My entry to the GMTK jam, dual purpose (also my first game jam). A controller is required to play Spearlin becuase of the aiming, i technically could have used mouse aiming but it changed the experience so much that i decided to scrap it very early on.

The controls are a little inspired by downwell as they only use the joystick and the A button. But in Spearlin the joystick has the dual purpose instad. Pressing the joystick down allows you to aim and throw a spear which can then be used as a platform to reach higher places.

Also, I have labelled it as a windows game since I currently have no way to test it on macOS or linux.

PS. You can press back on your controller to toggle fullscreen mode


Spearlin.zip 11 MB

Development log


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Unfortunately, I only have a ps4 controller. All I could do was jump, move, and get through the splash screen, so I didn't progress much. But I enjoy the presentation a lot and I like happens when you fall.

I have now updated the download. It should work with ps4 controllers now, I am not entirely sure though as I have no way of testing it myself